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Melissa, Islington personal trainer- wellness

The most effective way to achieving optimal health and wellbeing is to combine targeted training sessions with proper nutrition to fuel your activity and get you to your goals.  You cannot exercise off a poor diet, and you cannot achieve optimum health without a balanced exercise programme.

True health and wellbeing depend on a variety of factors

Whether you are looking to burn fat, increase muscle mass or improve your mobility, this package will combine bespoke personal training sessions that are tailored to your goals with nutritional advice to kickstart the transition to a fitter, healthier you!

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Wellness programme costs

Session length


Personal training and nutritional adviceThe most effective package to get you in shape includes:

1 consultation and fitness assessment, complete with a comprehensive report on your health and fitness status,

10 bespoke personal training sessions, tailored to you and your goals, and progressing over time,

3 nutritional advice sessions including analysis of your current nutrition and habits, and practical guidance to make significant improvements,

Progress assessments complete with comprehensive progress reports,

Regular online contact to support your fitness and nutritional choices.

13 x 60 minutes


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