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The importance of nutrition?  You are what you eat. The food and drink that you choose to consume provides your body with its fundamental resources.  Your diet powers your activities, fuels your brain, fires your metabolism, and determines your internal homeostasis and wellbeing.

Optimum dietary choices will enable you to feel good and greet your life’s demands energetically.  Poor choices will cause your body to feel sluggish, store fat, lose muscle, consume bone, and will impede concentration.  The wrong foods also promote life-altering diseases, including Type II Diabetes and coronary heart disease, which are on the rise worldwide.  With the right dietary choices, you can prevent disease and power your body for vitality.

The right foods can make all the difference to your fitness.  Clients come to me with all kinds of different goals.  Some want to shed fat to fit into a smaller dress size; some want to build muscle to get a six pack; and others just want to look a bit leaner, lose fat and tone up.  All of these goals will demand different dietary choices.  The right foods will enhance your results and enable your body to make the changes you’re seeking.

I don’t believe in diets.  Regardless of your short and long term goals, I don’t believe in quick fixes or drastic measures.  It isn’t worth compromising your health for short-term gains that cause long-term complications.  Real change is sustainable and practical.  It will make you feel and look better from the inside out.

The right foods really can change how you look and feel, and I’m ready to prepare you with the knowledge and guidance to make a difference.

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Nutritional Advice Costs

Session length


3-session package  Includes a thorough assessment of your current dietary habits; instructions and guidance for making improvements; clear explanations so that you understand the changes; and practical strategies to integrate better choices into your lifestyle.

3 x 60 minutes


5-session package  As above, but with more time to support further imrpovements and ongoing motivation to ensure your new habits are sustained over time.


5 x 60 minutes


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