Fully tailored fitness plans, designed for you to use independently

Independent training plans are designed for clients who require flexibility for where and when they train.  Whether you travel frequently, or simply prefer training on your own, these plans will guide you through full and effective workouts.

Fully tailored to you and your goals

Through a consultation session, I will build a good understanding of your goals, and complete an assessment of your current fitness.  I’ll also find out what resources you have available: whether you belong to a gym, train at home, or plan to head to a park for workouts.  These are not cookie-cutter programmes- they are entirely suited to you and your goals.

You’ll have all the tools needed to complete the workouts on your own

I’ll design an easy to use training plan,  so that you won’t have to guess about the most effective workout, or waste your time with ineffective exercises.  You’ll be able to use this plan at home or on the move when you have the time and space available- without compromising your fitness.

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