One to one training.  Individually designed for you to get results.

Its about achieving your goals.  Sessions will be based on a detailed understanding of your fitness objectives.  We’ll explore exactly what you’d like to achieve, whether it’s climbing a set of stairs without effort, or increasing muscle mass.  We will identify your goals together so I can design the most appropriate plan to get you there quickly.

A comprehensive fitness assessment will determine your current fitness training status.  I want to ensure that you’re starting at the right level to see progress, without wasting time.

I’ll also conduct a thorough kinetic chain assessment to evaluate any imbalances that could lead to injuries or chronic pain (such as soreness in your back, neck or knees).  This will allow me to integrate corrective exercises into your sessions and address any problems identified.

I’ll design a personalized training plan based on your goals and current fitness.  Your progamme will follow a progressive training model which will prevent plateaus and  ensure that you experience continuous improvement.  Through a varied program we will keep your body adapting to challenges, promote change, and maintain motivation.

Your training sessions will be challenging.  I won’t lie- you’ll have to work hard to see results.  But I’ll be there to inspire you to test your limits.  Most importantly, I’ll ensure your efforts or worth it and that every exercise you do is specifically designed to reach your goal.

If you’re ready to take the challenge- to work hard and see results- I’m ready to help you. 

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Personal training costs

Personal training is at the heart of Better Fit.  All sessions are personally tailored to reach your goals.

A minimum of 10 sessions may be booked to ensure that you see results, improve techniques and gain sufficient benefits.



No-obligation consultation session Includes a comprehensive health, fitness and kinetic chain assessment, as well as agreeing your goals.  A full and comprehensive report on your health and fitness status is produced for you.

1 x 90 minutes


10-session packageThe extended 90-minute consultation and assessment will form session 1 at no extra charge.  A follow-up assessment will be conducted to measure your progress, and a comprehensive report on your improvement is produced.

10 x 60 minutes


20-session packageThe extended 90-minute consultation and assessment will form session 1 at no extra charge.  The follow up assessments and reports on progress are also included. 

20 x 60 minutes


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