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Bespoke Personal Training offers one to one, fully monitored and personalized fitness programming.  Progressive sessions are based on a thorough understanding of your goals and a comprehensive assessment of your current fitness. Learn more.

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Nutritional Advice offers dietary support for your active lifestyle.  Your fitness and wellbeing depends greatly on how you fuel your body.  It’s not just about how much you eat, but also what you eat that counts.  Based on your current dietary habits, I will equip you with the knowledge to make better choices, and the practical planning tools to make change possible.  Learn more.

Islington personal trainer, Wellness

The Wellness Package is the most comprehensive service offered.  The wellness package combines tailored personal training sessions with thorough nutritional advice and planning.  You will be supported and guided through all of the aspects necessary to achieving a better, fitter, happier you in no time!  Learn more.


Independent Training Plans are for clients who travel, want to save time, or need to save money. These plans offer a convenient and affordable option, which are still independently tailored to you and your needs. Learn more.