Better Fit offers packages for all budgets, from the ultimate Wellness plan to completely free advice online.

For detailed information on the service, click on the relevant package below.  Discounts may apply for pairs or groups.

The Wellness programme will provide you with the most thorough and effective support for reaching your goals. Through a combination of bespoke personal training and nutritional advice you will be on the fast track to a fitter, healthier you. You’ll also learn how to maintain your health and fitness over time.

13 sessions (2-3 months) = £600

Consultation on fitness and kinetic chain assessments

Consultation on nutrition status, lifestyle and goals

Written reports on your fitness, health, nutrition and progress

10 Personal Training Sessions

3 Nutrition sessions

You will not find a more thorough personal training programme- from the initial assessment, to detailed personalised fitness reports, to the tailored corrective exercises to improve your posture and prevent injuries- this personal training service is fully comprehensive. For this reason, Better Fit training programmes will get you quickly and safely to your goal- whether it’s improving your general fitness, losing fat, gaining muscle or increasing strength.

10 sessions (2-3 months) = £500

20 sessions (5 months) = £960

Consultation, fitness and kinetic chain assessments

Written reports on your fitness, health and progress

10 – 20 Personal Training Sessions

The Nutritional Advice plan includes a thorough assessment of your current nutrition, and helps to educate you on how and why to make better choices.  Working with your likes and dislikes and fitting into your lifestyle, this plan provides you with the tools and knowledge to make healthy and permanent changes.  Ongoing follow-up assessments help you to integrate practical improvements to your nutritional habits over time.

3 sessions (3 months) = £180

6 sessions (6 months) = £280

Consultation on nutrition, lifestyle and goals

Written reports on your nutrition, health and progress

3 -6 Nutrition Sessions

If you don’t have the time or money to afford the plans above, independent plans provide you with a comprehensive training programme that you can complete on your own. These are not cookie-cutter plans that you would find in a magazine- they are designed specifically for you, your goals, and the equipment you have to hand.

Consultation and personalised fitness training plan = £150

Consultation on your health, fitness, goals and training resources

Progressive easy-to-follow fitness plan, specific to your fitness, goals and resources

The Better Fit Blog is aimed at anyone interested in improving or maintaining their health and fitness.  It’s designed to be an interactive community where you can find useful information, ask questions, provide feedback, and request informative posts.

Advice, thoughts, support = £FREE!!!

Read the blog, ask questions, and get advice!