When do you train?

I’m available early in the morning, evenings and weekends.

Where do you train?

I prefer to train outdoors in a park.  I find it makes sessions more fun and increases clients’ motivation.  I’m also available to train in your home, or at a private studio by arrangement.  Nutrition consultations are best held in your home.

I focus on north and east London including: Islington, Highbury, Holloway, Stoke Newington, Hackney, Shoreditch, London Bridge and The City.

Who do you train?

Regardless of your age, gender or level of fitness, if you’re ready to improve your health and fitness, I’m ready and willing to help you.

Why do you train?

It’s surprising how often I’m asked this!  The short answer is because I love it.  The long(ish) answer is that I went on a journey of discovery to improve my own health and fitness, and I just kept wanting to learn more, get stronger, and feel healthier.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.  I’m still constantly seeking out new and emerging information to improve my knowledge and enhance my training techniques (because as much as the theory is interesting, it’s applying this knowledge that is the key!).

I love training other people.  I can’t quite describe what it’s like to help people surpass their own expectations and see them succeed at improving their health- inside and out.  It’s very humbling to see a client pull on that last morsel of energy to complete a final rep- and it’s so exciting when they achieve  something new- entering a whole new level of fitness and health.

Do you train groups?

Yes.  Please note that group sessions will not be tailored to each individual, so are not as effective as personal training sessions.  However, if your group is looking to improve general fitness levels, I offer group fitness sessions with alternative exercise progressions so that everyone is challenged.