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Personal Training and Nutritional Advice in Islington

Better Fit offers tailored Nutritional advice and Personal training in Islington and Hackney (London, UK).  Sessions are offered outdoors or in your home.

You won’t find a more comprehensive system for improving and maintaining your fitness.  From the first assessment to the final monitoring report, you will know exactly where you are- and I’ll enable you to reach what you want to achieve.

Online options

Better Fit offers independent training plans for anyone, anywhere in the world.  These plans aren’t the cookie cutter workouts you’d find in a magazine; they are designed specifically for you, your goals, and the equipment you have available.

For all budgets and skill levels

The overall aim of Better Fit is to enable you to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing in an efficient, effective and sustainable way- no matter what your resources are.  You’ll see from the pricing page that Better Fit offers support for every budget- from the fully comprehensive wellness programme to completely free support on the interactive blog.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been exercising for years.  As your Personal Trainer, I will work with you to reach your next level of fitness.  We’ll use proven techniques to reach your goals quickly and effectively.  Whether you want to lose fat, tone up, build muscle, gain or lose weight- I will ensure you’re using a targeted training plan and the right dietary guidelines to reach your ideal fitness… and maintain it.

Getting fit the smart way

You’ll have to work hard to succeed.  I don’t believe in unhealthy gimmicks or unsustainable shortcuts that won’t leave you feeling and looking great in the long run. I do believe in applying the right training and nutritional methods for you to reach your goals quickly, effectively and sustainably.

I’ll take all the guesswork out of your programme.  Whether you’re getting in shape for a big event like a wedding or a holiday, you’ve recently decided to take charge of your health and fitness, or you just want some ideas that are more exciting (not to mention more effective) than running on a treadmill, I’ll help you to get healthier, fitter and feeling great! 

The Better Fit website is also a resource for knowledge, tips and tricks, where you can learn more about being fit, and getting in shape.  The Better Fit Blog is designed to be an interactive community where you’re encouraged to ask questions and share experiences.  As an Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor, I’ll ensure you receive reliable and sound advice.  Why not stop by and leave a comment?

Enjoy the site, and I hope to meet you soon!


Better Fit Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor, Islington